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For many years Amy has been developing her style as a songwriter, arranger, singer and guitarist. Her talent is undeniable, and her energy, tenacity and never-give-up attitude have benefited many bands and collaborators in the past. She has a tremendous sense of melody and rhythm (she can hold her own on her ’67 Slingerland drum kit!), and is a skilled keyboardist as well. While attending a concert of one of her favorite artists, Eric Johnson, she was noticed singing and playing guitar on the side of the stage by Michael Schenker of MSG, UFO and Scorpions fame. Michael was impressed with what he heard and saw, and they began their songwriting collaboration early in 2003. The debut album "Under Construction" is done, and Amy was a special guest with MSG on their Fall/Winter 2003 tour, showcasing some of the Schugar/Schenker songs with MSG.